Nordic Flavors

in New York

We make fresh, wholesome food available to more. 

Time and place, deliciousness, and the simple idea that food matters beyond pleasure are the guiding principles of everything we do. At Great Northern Food Hall we partner with farmers and producers of the New York region and cook what nature gives us at this very moment.


We find ourselves in Grand Central Terminal, a national historic landmark, and one of the greatest public spaces in America.



In the 1970’s, preservationists like Jackie Kennedy Onassis saved this incredible work of art and architecture as a place for people of all backgrounds to commute through, convene within and enjoy every day.

Our designers, Christina Meyer Bengtsson, with partner Ulrik Nordentoft, graphic designer Søren Varming, and architect Richard H. Lewis, have sought to convey the story of our food and culture in a way that would complement the iconic space and its splendor, infusing Nordic design’s DNA into an American context.

Behind Great Northern Food Hall is MeyersUSA, a hospitality group in New York recently started by culinary entrepreneur Claus Meyer.



Claus hails from Denmark, where for the past 30 years he has been instrumental in unlocking the potential of Danish food culture through a number of research, consulting, community and entrepreneurial initiatives.


He is the creator of the New Nordic Cuisine movement, and co-founder of noma, Copenhagen’s famed New Nordic restaurant.