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Join one of our baking classes and explore how to bake the signature bread and pastry from Meyers Bageri. Or join Claus Meyer on a morning run through Central Park followed by complimentary light refreshments.


Join one of our baking classes and explore how to bake our signature bread and pastries at home – from kanelsnurre pastries, to Øland wheat bread, and Danish-style wholegrain rye bread.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced home baker, a Meyers Bageri class is a great learning experience.

Our team of talented bakers will take you through the process of making Scandinavian pastries or unique style of breads with long fermentation, lots of wholegrain and high hydration. Learn step-by-step techniques of swirling a kanelsnurre pastry to perfection, or get tips and tricks on best ways to care for and bake with sourdough at home.



Great bread is at the heart of Nordic cuisine. For us, this means bread using organic flour, sourdough, heirloom grains grown locally in a partnership with local farmers and stoneground on location, and not least a good amount of patience. In Denmark, Claus Meyer has developed his unique style of bread with long fermentation, lots of wholegrain and high hydration, creating loaves that are moist, nourishing and full of flavor.

The first Meyers Bageri opened in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2010. Today, there are a total of five bakeries located in the Danish capital. Head Baker Rhonda Crosson and Pastry Chef Noah Carroll have been working closely with Claus to introduce his bread and pastry program to New York. We adapt traditional Danish recipes like rugbrød, our 100% whole grain sourdough rye bread, to showcase local ingredients.

In New York City, Meyers Bageri is located at Great Northern Food Hall, inside Great Central Terminal, and on 667 Driggs Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our baking classes take place at the Meyers Bageri Commissary in Long Island City.

Baking Class Schedule and Tickets:


All classes $110

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February 25   10am – 12:30pm   Kanelsnurrer

February 25   3pm – 5:30pm   Kanelsnurrer

February 26   10am – 12:30pm   Whole Grain Wheat Bread

February 26   3pm – 5:30pm   Whole Grain Wheat Bread

March 19  10am – 12:30pm   Rye Bread

March 19   3pm – 5:30pm   Rye Bread

March 25   10am – 12:30pm   Kanelsnurrer

March 25   3pm – 5:30pm   Kanelsnurrer

March 26   10am – 12:30pm   Whole Grain Wheat Bread

March 26   3pm – 5:30pm   Whole Grain Wheat Bread

April 22   10am – 12:30pm   Kanelsnurrer

April 22   3pm – 5:30pm   Kanelsnurrer

April 23  10am – 12:30pm   Rye Bread

April 23   3pm – 5:30pm   Rye Bread

April 30   10am – 12:30pm   Whole Grain Wheat Bread

April 30   3pm – 5:30pm   Whole Grain Wheat Bread




Early risers! Come join Claus Meyer for a 3 mile morning run in Central Park, and let us invite you for some “hygge” afterwards with a complementary cup of coffee and a cinnamon swirl at Great Northern Food Hall

Great Northern Food and Claus Meyer invite you to join him on his morning run in Central Park. Starting at 7:30am, while Manhattan is still waking up, we will meet at the Central Park South Entrance, located on 59th St and 7th Ave. From there, we follow a flat and fast 3 miles course through the scenic surroundings of the park and Midtown. We will finish at Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Terminal for a free cinnamonswirl (kanelsnurre) and a nice cup of our organic coffee from Brownsville Roasters.

Get your day started in a fun and energizing way with this free event.

We look forward to running with you!

Running Schedule:

REGISTRATION: Last minute joiners are of course welcome, but our bakers and baristas would love to know ahead of time if you are running with us!  Sign-up for our Facebook Events


Thursday, April 6, 7:30am

START: Central Park South Entrance, located on 59th St and 7th Ave

FREE REFRESHMENTS AFTER THE RUN: Great Northern Food Hall, Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal, 89 East 42nd St., NY 10017