Our Food and Beverages

THE BAR is located in the back of historic Vanderbilt Hall.
It’s is the perfect nook for a sit-down breakfast, a business lunch, or for a snack at happy hour with friends.

  • Meyers Bageri

    Meyers Bageri is an artisanal bakery rooted in old world techniques, with a strong focus on organic and locally grown heirloom grains.

    Great bread is at the heart of Nordic cuisine. This means bread using organic flour, sourdough, whole grains stoneground on location, and lots of patience. In Denmark, Claus Meyer has developed his unique style of bread with long fermentation, lots of whole grain and high hydration, creating loaves that are moist, nutritious and full of flavor.

    Head baker Rhonda Crosson has been working closely with Claus to introduce his bread and pastry program to New York. Our hand shaped whole wheat loaves are made with a very wet dough, providing great texture and crumb, with high levels of whole grain.

    Our rye bread is made from 100% wholegrain rye flour and raised with sourdough. Also, in partnerships with North American farmers, we are growing Nordic heirloom grains in New York, Connecticut, and Maine, which we will harvest and bake with beginning this fall.

    Our team of bakers makes our signature breads fresh, all day long. You will find our savory breakfast buns in the morning, and all throughout the day you will see our assorted variety of pastries, including flaky vanilla cream Danishes, rye croissants, and our famed cinnamon swirls.

    During lunch and throughout the afternoon, we serve a seasonal selection of warm sandwiches and Nordic-style hearth-baked flatbreads, with locally grown vegetables and house-cured meats. Later in the day, treat yourself with our assortment of sweets, cakes, and tarts.

  • Brownsville Roasters

    At Brownsville Roasters, we treat the coffee bean like the seasonal product it is, which is why you will see our coffee menu change throughout the year. We source and roast the coffee ourselves.

    There’s a story behind each of our coffees – from the beans of the Gayo women’s cooperative in Sumatra to the coffee we brought back from our trip to the Guatemalan highlands this winter.

    Head roaster Omar Maargaard, in collaboration with Søren Sylvest of Copenhagen Roasters in Denmark, source small lots of some of the finest green beans from individual farmers around the world and bring them back to Brooklyn to roast.

    To unlock the unique flavors of each origin, we roast most of our coffees to the lighter side. This gives you a distinct flavor profile with fruitier notes and brighter acidity than what you would find in traditional dark-roasted coffee.

    We have been traveling the world of coffee, sourcing and roasting in Denmark since 1996; in New York, we are setting up our own roastery in Brownsville, Brooklyn, but until then, we are grateful to Pulley Collective for letting us roast in their space.

  • Open Rye

    Introducing to New York smørrebrød, the savory and hard-to-pronounce open-faced sandwiches, which have been a beloved staple in its native Denmark for hundreds of years.

    Once a workingman’s lunch, smørrebrød have evolved into more elaborate sandwich creations, in various combinations of flavors and textures. We take inspiration from what’s in season to create entirely new and playful sandwiches, both hot and cold.

    We make our smørrebrød with rugbrød, our special Danish rye bread. Dark, nutty, and full of earthy flavors, our rugbrød is baked fresh every day at Meyer’s Bageri with 100% whole grain rye flour, rye sourdough and lots of grains.

    Our smørrebrød are made fresh to order with various toppings using the season’s best vegetables, house-cured meats, and fish, with our homemade pickles and condiments.

    We eat our smørrebrød sandwiches with knife and fork but don’t let that scare you! You can eat them any way you like. Grab a seat and enjoy your smørrebrød with a beer, Danish style or take them back to the office for a wholesome lunch.

  • Grain Bar

    Grain Bar is a fresh and playful take on all the wonderful stuff that can be made from grains. Our focus is on sweet and savory porridges (“grainottos”), beer and whiskey.

    We offer housemade porridges in the morning. Throughout the day and evening, we serve savory and nutritious grain dishes, soups, and a wide selection of craft beers.

    Grain Bar is an ode to “grød”, from the Danish word for porridge, which can be both sweet and savory. Our modern interpretations include a twist on a Danish classic “øllebrød”, which is porridge cooked with rye bread and beer. You will see oat and barley versions with fresh fruits, as well as savory “grainottos” with barley and spelt that showcase the season’s best produce, such as, this summer, beets, peas, conehead cabbage, mushrooms, as well as roasted chicken or crab.

    Since the Late Stone Age, the diet in the Nordic countries has relied heavily on grød made from rye, barley, and eventually oats. It was a cheap, nutritious and satisfying meal, an alternative to expensive meat, a ‘poor man’s food’.

    Due to intensified cultivation and focus on yield rather than quality, the grain that we eat today has suffered a crucial loss in nutritional value. In Denmark, in collaboration with dedicated farmers and grain researchers, we have worked for years to reintroduce some of the original Nordic heritage grains. We are taking the fruit of that work to North America. This fall we’ll be harvesting the first crop of Nordic heirloom grains from farmers in New York, Connecticut, and Maine.

    Try our grain dishes with a cold lager or ale from our beer program. Or just enjoy a whiskey around the bar.

  • Great Northern Deli

    The Great Northern Deli located on Grand Central Terminal’s shuttle passage, caters to those hungry, in a hurry and looking for something fresh and wholesome.

    At Great Northern Deli we offer you our seasonally inspired, signature items that are easy to take with you, ranging from delicious breads and pastries baked fresh on site to a wide array of tasty sandwiches and bright salads prepared all day long.

    At Great Northern Deli you will find delicacies and gift items from the New York region and Scandinavia, such as aged vinegars, relishes, cookbooks, fine chocolates, tea and our own roasted coffees from Brownsville Roasters.

  • The Bar

    Enjoy a Nordic-inspired cocktail, a glass of great wine or a craft beer in the casual and inviting setting of The Bar.

    Whether unwinding with a casual after-work drink before heading home, meeting up with friends and colleagues, or coming in for a nightcap, and maybe some snacks, or a full meal, The Bar is a full-service destination with its own elevated menu.

    THE BAR management has created a menu of seasonal, Nordic-inspired cocktails, using artisanal spirits from small batch producers. Enjoy a glass from our all-American list of wines from low-intervention producers, sample our large selection of aquavits, or quench your thirst with our selection of craft beers.

  • Danish Dogs

    In New York and Copenhagen alike, the hot dog is a beloved culinary icon. At Danish Dogs, which is located on Grand Central Terminal’s shuttle passageway, you get to experience our take on traditional Danish hotdogs.

    At Danish Dogs, we offer a menu of gourmet hot dogs and premium artisanal sausages crafted in our nose-to-tail charcuterie program by butcher John Ratliff. Variations change with the season and include chicken, beef and pork hot dogs.

    Our take on a traditional ‘Danish Dog’ comes with a beef and pork sausage, spiced ketchup, mustard, Danish remoulade sauce, red onion, pickled cucumber and crispy shallots, served on a freshly baked potato bun from Meyers Bageri. In the morning, we serve delicious egg sandwiches that make for a quick and savory meal to start your day.